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Stay with me… always

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This weather is so perfect 👌

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Drinking pink wine and a little hot chai ((yikes not together…!) and dreaming of eyelash wishes. My brain and mind are escaping me or trying…🌟 but in a way that feels rather hopeful and Unhurting. Im sitting next to my little heater and so my face is a little blushed and dumb and I don’t rly care atm. Oh well.

Throw back to a very softer me circa may2011. I haven’t changed I don’t think… But I have quite a bit. Quite.

I remember being really upset because this is when my face started to ~mature~ and my cheekbones were becoming more prominent… Lmao. -_- still with a softness tho…



Colorado, you win every single time.


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look at this tiny leopard

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you can’t date yosuke because you are always dating yosuke. 

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if i sigh loudly enough will all of my problems go away 

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Thinking of old friends again. And how they would comfort me and make me laugh and love me and make it feel like all the wrong things were ok.

Then it all turned like a bad … Something. Everyone ends up the same and now I’m just hoping that they were a bad exception and the ones in my life now won’t do the same. I’m trying really really hard to believe that it won’t end the same with everyone.