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I freaking LOVE Valentine’s Day. I just need to find a truly dark box of chocolates to give to my husband!

haha! Yay :)!! I was a fan, even ~*whan I was single :’(!*~ I love the cups and things I can find with love birds, hearts, and pink. And have you seen the heart shaped pink peppermint patties?

I’m sorry but even if I can’t be with my amazing Ushayo this year, it still makes me (a little bitter I won’t lie) a little happy because sometimes people can’t show their love every day for various reasons. So give them a day to go all-out.

I don’t see anyone bitching about how fake of a holiday st patricks days is, but that’s because you get to get sloppy ass drunk “with a reason!” No.

  1. vegkittie said: I love how pretty everything gets. I love valentine’s decorations. My husband is making creme filled cupcakes for the boys’ school parties. I just wish I had more money. I went all out last year because I was working. :P
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