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Mama cat loving her first newborn before the others arrived

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This girl tho.

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Seriously tho? How perfect is she..⁉️ ((best and worst parts of cat children tho? Always a baby yet always such a teenager too 😒)) 😻🎀💖💖💖💜💋

How freaking awkward and cute is she. She’s so snuggly lately. 💞👑 maybe she senses that I am trying to be more relaxed…? Hopeful!

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Lion cub playing in leaves

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I wanted a better future…


Warrior Goddess

This girl gave me the biggest scare and worry this morning… But she’s safe an sound by stars and miracles. Isn’t she divine 😇

To be a cat… 💕👑🙍💭💕

What makes bad funks better.

Invoke my Name. I am S P A R K

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