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TO KATHERINE (from “THE GUILD”) if you see this!!

regards to your surprise message!

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Today is marks a year that I brought a piece of my heart home 🎀🐱 she’s driven me crazy but also has made my heart grow even bigger. She’s helped me heal and ties my insides like daisy chains. Welcome home little one, I’ll keep you protected forever. 💖

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I’ll be fine, it’s only water.

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Sick day with my bed hogging little one. 😷👑

Say what you want, call me crazy but this little girl means sooo much to me💓it’s almost been a year since I became her human and I can’t imagine what would have happened for her if our strings and stars didn’t lead us at the right place. 🎀

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fiancé appreciation.

why da baby is so great a list by me sounding all of 15.

☆ his realistic sense of humor
☆ he doesn’t give a fuck about what You think
☆he doesn’t lie, talk behind backs, keep secrets
☆ he tells it like it is even if it hurts your feelings
☆ how he texts me in the middle of the day out of no where and tells me how pretty, hot, cute, adorable, lovely, wonderful etc he thinks I am.
☆ the way he drools at cookie commercials and loves chocolate
☆ he plays Animal Crossing!
☆ he isn’t afraid to say he likes something that is “deemed for women” if it’s pretty, awesome, soft, cute, etc
☆ doesn’t put on airs
☆ knows a fuck ton games that no one plays/cares about anymore & we can  awesome-it-up together.
☆ admits his wrongs and works to fix them to rights.
☆ always telling me how deserving i am of the worlds greatness
☆ … how the world is deserving of ME.
☆ knows me in and out before he ‘actually’ does.
☆ our instant connection that feels as though it defies all current time and space.
☆ how perfect he is for me.

Don’t fuck with a witch.”

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Dogs and duckface💋😜(quack!) Roxi looks so grown-up here!!💋

Roxi had her first vet visit today! She’s now 5lbs which is almost double when we got her. She’s growing strong 💜

Been spending all day in bed with this beautiful girl. (And Lightning Returns💋)

I freaking love you

Bringing this little baby home Wednesday. 🐕

She’s an eight week old little nugget and mix of Australian cattle dog and corgi.